Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My wishlist

Any overdyes threads
Ginghers Scissors or ANY scissors ( I love scissors!!!!)
Hardwick Scissors by Kelmscott Designs
Thread holders/thread winders/thread keepers
32 ct linen
36 ct linen
40 ct linen
Anty Gingham/ check linen
Cotton fabric
Carriage House Sampling - Small Alphabet Series A to Z.
Brightneedle - The Sampler Sampler
Tralala Collection - Maisons de Campagne
The Trilogy - Secret Flower bed
EEF - Three pink houses
EEF - Rose House
EEF - Small Sampler series
The Workbasket - Quaker Cat, Mouse, Rabbit, Turtle, Swan
DT Spot of Summer
DT Little spot Sampler
LHN Night and Day
LHN Paper White
LHN The Rain Fell
LHN The rose in morning
CCN Any sweet treats thread pack

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